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NVFC is a member of Advanced Reproductive Care, Inc. (ARC), the nation's largest network of Reproductive Endocrinologists (physicians medically certified in reproductive medicine and infertility treatment) who are committed to making the cost of fertility treatments predictable and affordable to assist couples with their challenges of building a family.

The physician practice members of the ARC network and Napa Valley Fertility Center are dedicated to providing the highest quality patient care and support services, as well as ensuring clinical excellence through the practice of evidence-based medicine, while providing patients the best, most affordable choices for a baby.

These patient options include:

  1. Cycle Option Packages: We offer package pricing for fertility treatments.

  2. One-Cycle Plus: Most affordable

  3. Three-Cycle Plus: Up to 6 cycles, 3 fresh and 3 frozen attempts gives you the best opportunity for a baby.

  4. Refund Guarantee: As an additional option, we offer a Three-Cycle Package that includes a money-back guarantee.

  5. Financing Options: We have financial options to help you overcome any financial barriers and assist you in proceeding with care. Our affordable payment plans can be utilized for any package of services and can also include pharmaceuticals.

For additional information about these patient options click on or call ARC’s toll free number 888.990.2727 for fast and confidential service.


Napa Valley Fertility Center is contracted with the following companies as a PPO provider:

Marin Sonoma IPA

Anthem Blue Cross

Blue Shield



United Healthcare

If you have other questions about financing or insurance coverage, please contact us at 707.259.1955 or