medication teaching

Injectable medications are used frequently in infertility treatments, thus many patients self-administer, or engage the help of their partner or friends.

At Napa Valley Fertility Center, we are constantly striving to simplify treatments and minimize the amount of hormone medication used. For example, most of our patients undergoing IVF will not use more than one injection per day (a marked reduction from older treatment regimens).

The 3 general categories of injectable medicines are:

  1. 1)Gonadotropins (to stimulate the ovary to make many eggs and then “trigger” the final maturation process of the eggs)

  2. 2)GnRH analogues (to prevent premature ovulation)

  3. 3)Progesterone (to prepare the uterus for implantation)

For those patients interested in self-administering medications, online teaching is available through the Freedom Pharmacy “Medteach” website. The links are provided below. You will receive your prescription number to access the site when your medication is ordered.                   


Additional support is always available from our staff. For any confusion or lingering questions about medication, please have a low threshold to contact us at 707.259.1955 or