initial appointment

If you are considering the Napa Valley Fertility Center for your needs in building a healthy family, please consult the options below to determine which approach is the most comfortable for you.

Napa Valley Fertility Center is pleased to offer two options for the initiation of care.

  1. 1) A complimentary 20-minute consultation.

  2. During this conversation, whether over the phone or virtually via Skype or FaceTime, you will gain an impression of Dr. Uzelac’s approach and gather insight into possible solutions for your particular diagnosis. This type of appointment is recommended for perspective patients seeking a second opinion or those that live remotely from our center.

  3. 2) A traditional office consultation.

  4. During this open-ended session, Dr. Uzelac will take a complete medical history and review all previous fertility evaluations and therapy. Ample time is allotted to address all of your questions and appropriate testing (such as a pelvic ultrasound or semen analysis) can often be completed on the same day. This type of appointment is recommended for those that are ready to begin treatment.

Either appointment type can be scheduled through:

  1. Contact/Consult request form

  2. Phone: 707.259.1955

  3. Email: